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Vanderbilt is proud to provide an on-line service, “ResearchMatch,” a not-for-profit effort that will help match people who would like to participate in research with researchers nationwide via a secure and convenient online web portal.
Volunteers of any age, race, ethnicity or health status are invited to join.

Search the Vanderbilt Database for Open Clinical Trials

You can search the Vanderbilt Clinical Trial Database for open clinical trials. You can search by health topic, doctor or by keyword. To search for a clinical trial, visit the "Find a Clinical Trial" page of the Vanderbilt Clinical Trials website.

Other Websites to Find Information about Clinical Trials Matches your personal profile to enrollment criteria for cancer clinical trials Government listing service of more than 60,000 trails in 155 countries : Searches over 25,000 industry and government sponsored trials. Sign up for free email notifications in categories you are interested in : Allows you to search multiple websites for clinical trials, clinical study results and medical news. They will even perform a search for you if need their help

Send in a research idea...

We welcome new research ideas. Although many behavioral and medical research ideas come from scientists and doctors, patients and consumers often have ideas too. As a patient or consumer, you may have experienced an unexpected benefit from a medicine or treatment or experienced a side effect not already described by the drugs manufacturer. Or you may have an idea that would help us help you in a more convenient or improved manner. Please submit your research ideas below.

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