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Vanderbilt CTSA Program Directors

Dr. Bernard, Vanderbilt CTSA Program Director, has brought together a very diverse and experienced group of VICTR Co-Program Directors, with expertise in translational research, education, biostatistics, bioinformatics, ethics, and more, to assist him with the work of VICTR and the CTSA.  Each is responsible for collaborating with Dr. Bernard regarding the direction of the CTSA Programs listed below. Click below to read more about each program director.

Gordon R. Bernard, VICTR/CTSA Program Director, Governance Director

David Robertson, Participant and Clinical Interaction Resources Program Director

Katherine Hartmann, Key Function Director for the Education, Training and Career Development Program

Robert (Bob) Dittus, Translating Clinical Discoveries into Practice Program Director

Kevin B. Johnson, Co-Key Function Director for the Biomedical Informatics 

Paul Harris, Co-Key Function Director for the Biomedical Informatics

Frank E. Harrell, Design, Biostatistics and Research Ethics Program Director

Russell Poland, Meharry Focused Partnership & Stopping Health Disparities Co-Program Director




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